Anagram Thief, an online multiplayer word game

Anagram Thief is a real-time multiplayer word game in which you race to build words from letter tiles, and you can steal your opponents’ words by rearranging and adding letters. With groups, the competition gets intense!

I built the original version of this game in just a few days over winter break. Since then, I’ve added an AI computer player with multiple levels, Facebook connectivity, and many other features. An Android version is in the works!

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A screenshot of Anagram Thief, demonstrating the AI and stealing words!

A screenshot of Anagram Thief, demonstrating the AI and stealing words!

Tech Specs: Designing this game was an exercise in architecture. This app consists of an evented, long-running game server, an AI server, a Rails webserver, and a Node.js proxy for Socket.IO access. The front-end is HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript.

7 thoughts on “Anagram Thief, an online multiplayer word game

  1. Great program, thanks so much for making it. I’ve posted Anagram Thief fb app on my wall to help get it some attention. By the way, do you ever consider making an Anagram Thief aid script, that figures out all available words from the letters out there? Just an neat idea if you had time.

  2. I’d love to play this game, but I just get redirected to an nginx web server. Any ideas?

  3. Hey Tani,

    Thanks for your interest. It’s been down since I reinstalled my server, and I haven’t gotten around to configuring it to run again. I’ll let you know when I get around to putting it back up!


  4. Hi David,

    I’d also really love to see this back up. It looks like a fantastic game.


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