Raspberry Pi and relay board installed in the speaker selector. The lid just barely fits on top of this.
Multi-Room Audio Control with Raspberry Pi
I put together a whole-home audio controller using the $35 Raspberry Pi computer and some custom hardware and software. It can be controlled from any mobile device.
Dynamic image browser clusters photos by similarity. Concepts such as "sky," "flowers," or "buildings" are automatically grouped by the spring graph (center). Clicking an image produces a list of the most similar images (bottom). Each part of the selected image is automatically analyzed and color-coded based on the concept (right).
Semantic Image Analysis and Image Exploration (Research project 2008-2010)
Extending my previous research, I built an image search engine that searches images based on their semantic concepts.
The top half of the browser is the search query; the lower half of the browser shows results.
Content-Based Image Retrieval (Research project 2007-2008)
I built an image search that combines color and texture to find similar images.
A screenshot of Anagram Thief, demonstrating the AI and stealing words!
Anagram Thief, an online multiplayer word game
I built an exciting, real-time multiplayer game where you steal each other's letters to create as many words as possible, as fast as possible.
Locra, a hub for community service
Locra, a community service hub
I co-founded Locra, a site where volunteers connect with their teammates in service projects, and build a profile of their "service footprint."
Improving performance of the speech recognizer with adaptation
Continually Adapting Speech Recognition Models (Research project 2009-2010)
I improved MIT CSAIL's speech recognition engine to enable it to adapt continually to user input.
Songs displayed as bubbles in a 3D space. Similar songs are placed together: the highlighted songs are all classical music.
Acoustic Music Similarity Analysis (Research project 2006-2007)
I built a fully automatic approach for recommending music based on "how it sounds," using musical characteristics like instrumentation, tempo, and mood.
FINALE Screenshot
FINALE, an online arcade game
FINALE is a block-matching (Tetris-like) puzzle game, inspired by the critically acclaimed "Lumines: Puzzle Fusion".
The robot uses wall-following to encounter tags and doors. Upon reaching the first tag, it computes the route to its destination using routing algorithms.
RFID-Based Robot Navigation (Research project 2006)
In my 8th grade science fair project, I explored how RFID technology can be used to improve robot navigation algorithms.