About Me

David Liu

Hey there! This is David Liu, software engineer in San Francisco, California. I graduated from Stanford University with my B.S. in computer science in December 2013, concentrating in systems. Read a little about me, or check out some of my projects.


Computers have been a huge part of my life ever since I first started programming as a kid. I got started when I wanted to make my own computer games, and eventually progressed to doing freelance programming online.

In middle school I began doing science fair projects in computer science, and since then I’ve done lots more research projects and internships. One summer I worked at NASA Ames’ Intelligent Robotics Group, and another summer at MIT CSAIL as part of the Research Science Institute. In 2010 I won second place at the Intel Science Talent Search with my project on image search.

I started getting industry experience with summer internships at Facebook (2010), Palantir (2011), Google (2012), and DE Shaw (2013). I’ve worked on a range of problems, from front-end web development (like the feature that combines similar notifications in Facebook) to implementing image search algorithms at Google.


  • Building things. Here are some of my projects.
  • Piano, guitar & music. I play classical and popular pieces for fun. I’ve also learning to play the guitar for a bit now.
  • Rock climbing. A good friend of mine introduced me to this sport in early 2010. You might find me top-roping and bouldering at Planet Granite in Sunnyvale.
  • Social dance. I took several social dance classes at Stanford and they were awesome! Favorite dance: the cross-step waltz.
  • Photography. Here are some of my shots from a photography class.

Things I was previously involved in

I graduated from Lynbrook High School (San Jose, CA) in June 2010. During my four years there:

  • I did independent computer science research. I won the grand prize at the Synopsys Championship (the Silicon Valley science fair) four times and competed at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair from 2007-2010. It’s always been a memorable experience, here’s something I wrote about one of the trips (2008). My research has been in information retrieval—in 9th grade, I created a system to automatically analyze music collections and display them in a 3D collection (“Acoustic Music Similarity Analysis”). The next year, I applied machine learning to develop an improved algorithm for image search by matching colors and textures. This grew into another image retrieval project in which I approached the problem from a different perspective: understanding images by classifying their contents (e.g. buildings, people, trees).
  • I was co-president of the Lynbrook Robotics Team 2009-2010, one of the largest clubs on campus.
  • I founded the Lynbrook Computer Science Club, where students gathered to discuss and participate in competitions such as the USA Computing Olympiad (USACO), American Computer Science League (ACSL), and CML Computer Science contest.
  • I competed in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), where I won second place nationally in Internet application programming, and state champion in cyber security.